Anonsen Vs Predator

By spurg

>You sat there in the backroom, shrouded over in darkness as you listened to your earpeice

>You loved your job and the sudden change of pace when those monsters that had invaded had really saved you

>There had been outrage when you had somehow rebooted the show

>But after the monsters had invaded and their lack of mores about age had really saved your bacon

>That and anti-monster sentiments

>The popularity with purists however didn't stop your show from being put on monster networks

>Billed out as a "comedy" or "practical joke" show

>Not that you cared, the pay was good and while doing something good you were having fun

>The sudden lack of human perverts was concerning though

>Each sting turning up less and less weirdos, and more and more monsters

>You'd almost feel bad about it, but the last sting had somewhat banished that feeling

>You still had some light burns from that fire-mouse lost her shit upon being told there was no fifteen year old boy for her

>She had completely ruined your favorite suit too

>You sat in the dark, the only sound being your breathing and your heartbeat thudding in your chest

>Your earpiece suddenly squawked

<"We got contact, they're coming up to the house."

<"32, Youko, name is Hina. Says she's here to get her man."

>You couldn't help but make a face

>You couldn't place the voice. who was that?

>No biggy, maybe Dave was taking a piss break

>You simply nodded and waited there in the dark

>Your muscles tensed as you heard the backdoor of the house open and shut

>After a minute or two, your brow furrowed as you failed to hear what you should have

>Where the hell was the decoy?

>Silence permeates everything, so much so that your stomach begins to knot itself

>Oh god, she probably alrea-

<"Alright Incog Anonsen, come out."

>Her voice is heavy, carrying a husky tone even through her thick accent

>You sigh, worry seeping through you for your intern

>Slowly you stepped out of the darkened room and into the kitchen

>Your eyes met the frantic looking fox woman's

>She'd be absolutely stunning if she wasn't here to commit a crime

<"There you are,"

>Her voice carrying a satisfied tone that wasn't typical, a chill running up your spine

"Why don't you have a seat right over there?"

>You motion to a chair on the opposite side of small table

>This only gets a smirk out of her, completely unphased by request

<"Do you know how hard is to find you?"

>slowly she begins to step out and around the table, approaching you

<"Had to go through so many sites, so many houses till I found you."

>an icy sweat begins to bead on your forehead as you begin to take a step back, fear pouring over you

<"Now, we can do this easy or hard. You will be mine, even if you want struggle."

>Her eyes take on a frenzied look that threatens to make you tremble while drawing a boner out of you

"N-now wait just a minute,"

<"No. Done waiting. Saw you on tv over year ago, knew you were mine then. Now is time, take off pants."


>Immediately you're off, feet hammering against the ground in a crazed beat

>She cursed loudly in a language you didn't recognize as her footfalls began to follow you

>Each one sounding like a hammer slamming down behind you, each one gaining on you


>All you could do was scream as you flung open the front door and through yourself out of the bait house

>Your eyes catch the familiar vision of a bazooka camera and relief spread through you

"Help, she's after me I ne-"

>Grass filled your vision as you were tackled to the ground

>Claw like nails rending your clothes from your body

"What are you doing!?"

>You looked up at the cameraman in confusion

"Why won't you…?"

>One of those minotaur monsters stared down at you from behind the camera, grinning toothily

<"Don't mind me, I'm just documenting. Hope you aren't camera shy,"

>She backs up, kneeling down to no doubt get a better angle

<"You husband now!"

>Your pants came free, torn away

>A feeling that you were certainly fucked in more than one way coming over you

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i kinda wish it was longer, still good