Harrison Vs Predator

By spurg

>it had been months since Incog versus Predator had gone off air due to his impromptu marriage

>but due to your contract and need for a job, you now found yourself doing work for a new show

>more or less the same, although…

>you shook your head, going back to your work of reviewing the editing for the new episode

<"Tonight on Monster network, we're bringing you a special story."

<"we currently in Longview, Texas and running a sting house; hoping to prevent crimes."

>you couldnt help but be impressed with the Mindflayer they had picked up, she was top notch at orating

>you just wish she didnt stare at you like she did when she thought you wouldnt notice

<"Join us tonight, here, o-"

>you began to fast forward, speeding through the intro

>it wasnt a bad show, but it wasnt as fun as the old gig

>there werent any melt downs anymore, no freak outs

>you pressed play, resuming right where Cynthia popped out of a backroom to confront the "perp"

<"How are you doing? Why dont you take a seat?"

>"Im uh… Okay."

>somewhat middle aged guy mutters, glancing around in confusion before sitting

>"Where's Pam? Who are you?"

<"We'll get to that in a minute. Now, you thought you were coming out here to meet a forty year old single human mom for casual sex?"

>"I dont see how thats any of your business,"

<"how far did you drive?"

>you began to fast forward again, sighing

>it just didnt have the same magic that Incog gave the old show

>sure these were "bad" guys, but they were legitimately just lonely idiots

>you pressed play, grabbing a handful of fries to munch on as you watched

<"Did you bring condoms?"

>the poor guy looks close to tears before he tosses them on a nearby table

<"Dave! You know those are restricted in Mamono territories, what are you thinking?"

>you fast forward again, skimming through until you pause as you hear your office door open

>its Cynthia

>she's staring at you rather hard, fidgeting

>she's in her usual 'office lady' kind of attire

>simple white blouse that clings just right to her ample bust and a pencil skirt that almost seems to bite at the shape of her legs

<"Can I uh… Just kind of watch?"


>you watched as she shuffled by and around your desk, looking around momentarily before staring hard at your lap

"Is something wr-"

>immediately a mass of slightly gelatinous woman is in your lap

<"N-no. Nothings wrong, just uh… Needed a seat is all."

>you work to control your breathing, mindful of the plump flesh on your lap and wishing that you wont pop a boner

>you couldnt afford a sexual harassment claim, though you werent sure if those were a thing with mamono

<"Anon… Are you spacing out? You can hit play,"

"R-right, yeah."

<"Besides, this is my favorite part."

>you hit play resuming the playback

<"Well there's something you should know,"

>Dave gets a far off look in his eyes as the camera zooms in

<"Im Cynthia Harrison and Im with MNN and we're doing a story on sexual perverts looking to meet women for casual sex. So if you have anything else to say for yourself, now is the time. Otherwise, youre free to go."

>"wait… So I havent broken any real laws?"

>the relief in his voice is palpable

>poor bastard has no idea whats about to happen

<"not that I know of. Youre free to go."

>you slap the space bar, pausing the video as Dave begins to take off, drawing a groan from Cynthia

>you already know what happens and that doesnt need any editing

<"awww cmon, thats the best part."

"I dont know its jus-"

>youre interrupted by heavy breasts pressing against your chest, her rear wiggling against your lap

<"Cmon Anon, dont be like that. Is it because it gets you… Riled up?"

"I just…"

<"Im right here you know, I could take of you."

>you swallow hard as part of you bulges against her rear, drawing a grin out of her

>all of your instincts tell you this is a trap, but the more animal part of your brain doesnt care

<"Dont you like me Anon?"

"I uh… T-that is,"

<"Im not human you know, I wont hurt you. I can however do things to you that you'll never forget."

>boner why?

"O-okay then. Yeah."

>his earns you a pleased titter and a wiggle that threatens to hotdog you as she slaps the spacebar to resume

>while the episodes are some forty minute long, theres usually only one less than ten minute long interveiw

>mamono really love their "romance" videos

>immediately as Dave steps out of the house a large hellhound tackled him

>his clothes are rent in seconds as he screams in abject terror

>screams turn to moans as wet flesh slaps roughly together while the camera crew focuses this way and that on the amazon position she's got him in

>pleasured moans turn into pleas for her to stop as he's already cum and cant take it, all of which is ignored as she picks up the pace

>the two of you only make it five minutes before your pants are around your ankles

>you may not have been enthused about your job, but you were certainly crazy about your boss

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