The Lord of Ice and Snow part1

By spurg

All you could do was glare and feel like your entire world was imploding around you. Your doctor could only shrug, her tentacles miming the motion as she clearly couldn’t explain it. Your face burned as the world around you started to fade as you felt all of your blood begin to rush as panic started to take you.

“L-look it’s gotta be hormonal or something, right?” you found yourself practically begging.

“I don’t think so Cal,” the Scylla answered back, her expression nonplussed as if she often had to deal with patients trying to bargain in regards to their health conditions. “You even smell like it, you definitely incubized, which is clearly the source of your gain.” you couldn’t help as your face burned even more, hands grasping your at you now hefty stomach as you glared up at her as you gave it a shake for emphasis.

“Over fifty pounds in under a week?! No! It has to be hormonal, I’m going to die! I know it!” you grumbled, folding your arms over your chest, “And I haven’t had sex with anyone.” You spoke with a clear and absolute finality. You hadn’t, you were practically married to your job and most of the various women you met either weren’t interested or just didn’t ‘click’; nothing ever went past a lousy, though amicable, second date that always fizzled. You hadn’t even so much as held a girl’s hand.

“That you know of.” She added, shrugging again. Your vision telescoped, all the edges running gray as you began to feel faint.

“That I…. what?!” an unknown edge seemed into your voice, one you had never heard before, let alone from yourself. Fear, confusion, and exasperation all rolled into one. There was no way, was there?

“Well if it's a shyer girl she may have slipped you something or just… wiped your memory?” she floated, making a face that kind of pissed you off.

“No!” you stood up suddenly, a cold rage boiling over you, grabbing your coat as you threw it over your arm. “I’ve seen how that works, I know this isn’t that! You see this?” you motioned to your grizzled face, thick whiskers peppering your face in a rather short and clean looking beard. Your doctor simply nodded, a confused look playing over her features. “I shaved two hours ago, incubization doesn’t do that!” you spat before storming out, completely livid with it all.

Victim of some kind of mamono magic-roofies or not, you couldn’t help but be minorly enraged. There was no way this was incubization, the effects were too rapid and too extreme. You had been a cool one-sixty and were now pushing two-seventy, though not all of it was fat, it all was happening in less than a week; you had been forced to going out in sweats and practically not having any clothes that fit at all. Then there was the perpetual beard, you could shave it, but it’d be back in a few hours. And your sweat and more was entirely perplexing. Sweat should never smell of mellowed whiskey and mulled spices. You had seen incubization before, a good number of your friends were married, it usually took months if not years; not hours and days. But none of that was the cause for your anger, it was because no one would admit that something was wrong with you.

It had more to do with the fact that since the mamono took over, a quant kind of sexism, or speciesism, began to take place. As a man the expectation was that you’d get hitched and become a househusband, or at least that's what the office demon’s seemed to constantly bring up. But the real reason was that suddenly, your opinion on things didn’t matter; the irony of such being propagated by an all female invasion of medieval savages who could barely operate a fridge, wasn’t lost on you. All you could do was sigh heavily, your oversized gut growling out a demand for food you and it likely didn’t need.

As you wandered through town you couldn’t do much as a defeated feeling coursed through you and eventually you found yourself collapsing onto a park bench, a heavy sigh escaping you. Another peculiarity met you as you drew in a calm breath and grumbled in annoyance; for how out of shape you looked, you should ache and be out of breath. You relaxed, letting the bench hold you as your head fell back and you stared aimlessly into the sky. Why was this happening? What even was happening?

“I’d like a bike.” a small voice states flatly, startling you as you suddenly sit up with a start. You had been alone when you had sat down, there practically wasn’t anyone else here, but apparently your solitary moping had been interrupted by some newcomer.

“What?” you spit out, looking about and having your eyes settle on a small mamono. Thick tufts of white fur spit out of her shirt's neckline, wrists, and elsewhere. If it wasn’t for the small round ears on her head or her overly large paws you probably wouldn’t have realized that she was some kind of bear.

“I would like a bike please,” She states, adding on some polite language as if it would somehow compel you. “Maybe some legos too if its no-”

“What makes you think I’d have those to give?” you cut her off, forehead furrowing up as you couldn’t stop the frown playing over your face. She had to be a child, so it wasn’t like the usual interactions or issues one would encounter with mamono trying to pull a fast one. Well, unless she was part of that weird cult, then all bets were off and you needed to be careful; but then again, you smelled like you had incubized. She had to be a kid, a weird one.

“Well you know,” she motions as if jostling an imaginary, fat belly while giving you an incredulous look as if whatever it was in her head was should have been obvious.

“Excuse me?” you can’t help the venom rise up in your voice, shifting to sit forward as your frown deepened. The weight may have been new, but the sudden displeasure of it even being mentioned seemed as if it was something you had dealt with for years. The small girl took on a shocked look, stepping back from you.

“Eliza!” a bell like voice calls out in alarm, a giant near photocopy of the runt of a child coming around the bench and swiping her large paws at the girl. The gain purchase and she quickly pulls her back from your position, sharp blue eyes scanning over you and your features. The nearly seven foot tall woman eyes you with suspicion before sniffing the air and after the briefest looks of confusion, gives a small apologetic smile. “I-I’m sorry, my niece got away from me. I’m sure you know what it’s like, I hope she didn’t bother you.”

“Know what what's like?” you ask suddenly, trying to grapple with the sudden and odd set of circumstances.

“Don’t you have children?” she asks probingly as her own forehead furrowed, and despite your better sense to stop this as it had to be some kind of a trick, you let it go on since she seemed genuine.

“No.” you answer quickly, worry spreading over your face as well as confusion. What was happening to your body? Her face reflects the confusion you begin to feel inside your soul, though you're certain that the worry that boils up through you is only yours.

“S-sorry,” she offers before curiously sniffing at the air, her confusion only seeming to grow.

“Whatever, I’ve been good enough to get a bike though, right?” Eliza interjects, pulling away a bit from her aunt as she eyes you with wide eyes. Her aunt’s face is one of immediate mortification as she looks to you with a silent plea for forgiveness and some kind of understanding.

“What are you even talking about?” you ask the small bear, her ears flopping flat against her head as she glares back at you in annoyance. Small, sharp bearish teeth gleam at you as she lets out a tiny and almost comical growl; her aunt simply wilts behind her, looking as if she could die. Her face suddenly being buried in her large paws.

“Youre Santa!” She half yells, one of her stubby paws pointing at you in an accusatory manner. Your face flushes, and for a moment you aren't sure if you should laugh, cry, or lose your shit; her aunt is apparently electing to do all three, though silently. “I’ve been… w-well,” her face screwing up, no longer a snarl as she yells, but one of worry as she pulls her paws in, “M-mostly good. Like seventy percent good this year, k-kind of. I think.” you choke down a laugh, covering your face with one of your hands as you try to not let any sound escape.

Mockery, a joke, anything might crush this kid and despite how rude or slightly insulted you were, something in you wasn’t willing to let that happen. It wasn’t allowed to happen. She may have been a bit of a brat, intrusive, and even effectively called you fat but you had to protect that naive and overly hopeful innocence. But then again, some light ribbing was in order.

“Fine.” you spit out, sitting forward on the bench in a more neutral position as you glared at the small bear. A smirk plays over your face as you glance towards her mortified aunt and you quickly give her a wink before lifting your hand and plopping it on the small girls head. “Now lets see…,” you mumble, you shift your hand on her head. Her smooth, white hair almost tickling at your palm. “Almost, but not quite.” You declare, giving the small girl am accusatory look as she seems to shrink at the words, “You need to do more chores and stop causing so much trouble for your aunt, it’s still august though so you have more than enough time. You need to work on it, alright?” The small bear quickly recovers, giving a triumphant grin and nodding before suddenly taking off while her aunt lets out a groan and seems to deflate.

“I am so sorry,” She lets out quickly, moving close and tossing herself down on the bench which protests under her added weight. “S-she’s at that age a-and s-”

“Don’t worry about it.” you sigh, leaning back on the bench as you throw your head back to stare into the sky again. “It was an… okay distraction from my mess of a life.” she simply makes a noise at your response, but doesnt bother to move or really follow up with anything and your curiosity begins to take over. “I smell like I have kids?” you asked, sitting up somewhat as you cast your eyes towards the large bear-woman next to you.

“Y-yeah. You don’t though?” She asks curiously, moving to meet your gaze as her eyes evaluate you.

“My doctor said I smelled like I had incubized,” you blush as your eyes meet with hers. Mamono were usually lookers, but why did she suddenly seem somehow prettier than moments ago? “I’m not… I haven’t… y’know. But I smell single?”

“Y-yeah,” she answers back, confusion playing over her face as she obviously considers what you're saying. You couldn’t break contact with her eyes, the pools of soft blue seemed to pull you in, demanding your complete attention. “Y-your single?” your bite your tongue, worried that you were somehow about to fall into a trap.

“Yeah.” your traitorous mouth answers, as your mind begins to reel and rationalize that maybe finally falling prey to one of these monster-women wouldn’t be so bad. Preferable even. At the very least it’d be a very pleasant distraction from your sudden influx of fat and more. Something about her just made those worries and concerns evaporate. “Its some kind of condition… I don’t usually look like this.” you follow along listlessly, no real idea where you're going with it. Had she done something to you? Were you drugged?

“I- uh… I don’t mind.” her face suddenly bruning cherry red, her voice coming out in the same odd listless way as yours. “I think you look rather handsome,” she confesses before hiding her face in her large paws, obviously embarrassed. “I-I’m sorry, I’m not normally l-like this. I’m just kind o-of o-”

“Out of sorts.” you finish for her. Your eyes pour over her, something inside you demanding that you do so. “I um… not like this either. Do you think we should, I- uh… I don’t…,”

“Y-yes. Give me your phone number.” She softly demands somehow reading part of your mind, her paw quickly snapping to her pants as she pulled out a phone. Her eyes expectant and wanting.


Life had been a blur. Somehow you had found yourself dating Cheryl, and while it was a very welcome distraction from your sudden health changes you still couldn’t help be reminded as weeks and months counted down. The occasional incidents from various other mamono from time to time, the two of you stopped bothering to go to the movies and instead would just stream something. These activities were slowly aiding in breaking you due to Cheryl’s unrelenting teasing and the privacy it offered, not that you minded, but you missed the bigger screens.

You still apparently ‘smelled’ according to almost every mamono who would give a moment to tell you. Just around the time you began to forget, someone would remind you. Apologizing for your loss because you were clearly a widower, congratulating you for getting married, screaming at you and Cheryl because you were married, and Cheryl’s favorite and her own personal perception that you had several children. Something that you were sure she was waiting to try and fulfill given the opportunity.

Your body had slowly continued to change. Your hair was now thicker than it had ever been, practically thicker than Cheryl’s fur and just as silvery white, something that had elicited stares since you clearly weren’t old enough for it. Your eyes seemed to become sharper, brighter and more brilliant all while your arms and legs had become thicker and oddly muscled up. Then there was the most drastic of it all; your face was completely covered over with a thick, white beard. It never grew beyond to be too long, nor did it ever look unkempt or messy, but it literally couldn’t be cut. Cheryl didn’t mind and constantly reminded you that you were handsome, her niece on the rare occasions of seeing you was absolutely thrilled that you looked like you should, since you were apparently Santa, and you couldn’t help but wonder if you were somehow going to just drop dead at any moment.

As you stared down to the clothes layered out on your bed, you weren’t sure if you should be upset by them or laugh. It was october and Cheryl was insistent that you come to a halloween party some of her friends were throwing, mostly for their kids and as an excuse to socialize and binge old world horror films. Obviously not on halloween due to the nature of how the calendar had fallen, overall it should be a fairly good friday night surrounded by mamono who might smell you. But that wasn’t the problem, the costume was.

A red suit with thick white furred piping stares up at you, black knee high boots and the hat sit nearby. You could only sigh exasperatedly as it suddenly reminded of what was going on with your body, something you had begun to completely refuse to acknowledge as much as possible. It wasn’t as if you were coming to hate the symbol of old Nick, you just didn’t want to confront the issue of whatever the hell was going wrong. Shaking your head, you grumbled and began dressing in the costume, your only thoughts being of how disappointed Cheryl would be if you didn’t go along with it. The things you did for love.

The three of you had arrived at the party, your costume theme playing out rather clearly. Cheryl looked rather conservative and well kept in her costume, appearing more like a babushka than what you typically mentally envisioned for Mrs.Claus, but even still something about it drove you wild. Eliza who had ended up tagging along looked reasonably cute dressed in what was supposed to be an ‘elf’ but came off looking more like one of the keebler variety; apparently something got lost in translation when Mamono started to assimilate, something you had never noticed until recently. And of course, you looked oddly regal in your red and white robes and somehow bizarrely it felt more natural than anything you had ever worn; to explain it as a feeling, you felt as if you could do anything.

“There will be candy right?” Eliza asks, eyeing you suspiciously as the three of you began to walk up to the front door.

“That's what I was told,” you answered back, giving the small bear a look that caused her to flinch.

“I-I’ll behave.” she mumbles out, seeming to shy away from you and refusing to meet your gaze. “I still want that bike.” she belts out defiantly, giving you a look before again assuming a somewhat worried kind of body language.

“Eliza!” her aunt warns, snagging up your arm in hers and grasping at your fingers with her thick paw as she worked your digits between hers. Her eyes caught yours before she quickly looked away as a blush took hold while giving your hand a squeeze before turning her attention back to the smaller bear. “You know that's not how that works,” she chides and you feel yourself relax. Had the two of them hashed out that you weren’t actually Santa? “You don’t get presents just because you were good for the sake of presents.” inside you feel yourself grimace, Eliza’s view of your identity apparently still going unchallenged. It’d have to happen at some point, otherwise things could end up turning tragic for the kid; not that her aunt was helping. “You have to be good because it’s the right thing to do, not because you want something.”

The small bear seems to wilts, her ears folding down to her head and framing her head before looking between the two of you. Worry for her aunt and begging for reassurance for you. You can’t help but let out a sigh, rolling your eyes as you resolve yet again to not let things fall apart for the kid.

“Look, there’s still time. Just do your best and it’ll be fine.” you offer, only for her to recover somewhat and beam at you. You’d have to talk the Cheryl about this. It was one thing for it to happen organically, it was another thing altogether for her to continue on with it as if you really were Santa Claus if not for Eliza’s sake, your own.

The three of you went about socializing as best as could be. Eliza heading off to collect candy and being sequestered in a room with other kids who were all watching what you could only guess was a Mamono remake of PeeWee’s big adventure. Maybe. You couldn’t be sure, but some of it seemed oddly familiar.

You and Cheryl had ended up in the kitchen with a small collection of the other adults, you didn’t dare stray too far from her and especially not before a brief introduction explaining your condition. It did help with mitigating any scene that could have come up, but you immediately felt self-conscious about it and some of the stares you got didn’t help. You couldn’t really blame them all things considered. Light drinks, snacks, and in short order the lot of you piled into the livingroom and start with voting on what to start with.

In short order some terrible nearly fifty year old film was thrown on the television and all you settled in to watch. You and Cheryl set out behind the couch primarily so you could sit next to her and so she didn’t hog up the couch with her large bearish size. Besides letting you sit next to your girlfriend it did allow for something else you needed to do.

“Cheryll,” you whispered to her, looking over at her as the screen flashed various colors while logos danced across it. “I think we should talk,” you mumble only to realize your mistake as she glances at you with a hurt expression and seeming to shrink from you. “N-no, not like that. You're great, honestly.” Cheryl relaxes, her round ears pulling away and perking back up to sitting on her head normally though a slight look of worry remains in her eyes.

“What is it Calvin?”

“I uh…. What's the deal with Santa? I mean… this all the time?” you motion to your outfit and then her’s. Immediately her face flushes a dark red, her eyes darting away from you as she pulls her large paws to her chest, claws tapping in worry.

“It’s… uh, t-that is to say…,” she trails off, looking around as she suddenly as she obviously begins to have worries of who might overhear over the television. “L-lets get a drink, o-okay?” her paw finds your hand and gives a squeeze before she heads off for the kitchen, leaving you to simply huff before following along after her.

As you follow after her you can’t help your eyes being drawn to her rear, each step causing it to bounce and sway in a way that hypnotized you; her small tuft of a tail peeking out from a fluted opening beneath the hem almost begging you to grab at it. As you followed and stared the only thing that you could figure is that it had to do with some kind of weird mamono sex thing, perhaps Cheryll liked older looking, plumper men. You could only sigh, not necessarily pleased with that idea.

You hadn’t even stepped a foot into the kitchen when you found yourself suddenly being thrust against one of the walls as lips crashed roughly onto yours. One of her large paws brushed against your hair, her claws gently scratching at your scalp as she hummed into the kiss before breaking away and eyeing you with a touch of worry.

“N-now, please…,” She trails off, face burning as she begins to look more nervous, “I do think… that is, e-even in your older pictures you're handsome bu-” you inhaled sharply, face screwing up as guessed where this was going. She was some kind of chubby chaser.

“You like me better looking fat and ol-”

“No.” she cuts your cutting off. “It’s… well, embarrassing. S-so hush.” Cheryll leans over you, gently touching at your shoulders as she leans close to steal another kiss. Her tongue teases at your lips momentarily before she pulls away again, your own face blushing. “I’m c-complete crazy about you, you know? It's more to do with you overall t-than how you look, but… i-its this thing from the old country.” You couldn’t help but snort loudly, a grin breaking out on your face as you tried not to let out a titter, this only earns you a faked grumpy look from her before she pulls you close in her arms and sets her head on top of yours. “The region I’m from, w-we have a legend about this old wizard-king who used to rule the area, it’s kind of like your Santa and I just… it’s just a dumb romantic story is all.”

You held onto her as you digested some of the words as you mentally made a note to ask more about the legend later. For now, you knew immediately what you needed to do, you had to go see one of those weirdos with the sabbath. Your problem wasn’t hormones or anything physically health related, your problem was that you had somehow become a wizard. Now you knew exactly what you needed to do.

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